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Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research



Yiru’s research focuses on the power relations found among diverse actors in the creation, negotiation, contestation and adjustment of property rights in the processes of developing and managing gated communities in China. Adopting a new institutionalist approach, she intends to explain how, under the legal framework of property rights, the institutional arrangements of land-planning management and housing property management contribute to the power relations of property rights.

Yiru holds an MPhil in Land Economy Research from the Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, and a BEng (Urban Planning) from Tongji University. 

Her PhD is funded by the China Scholarship Council.


Key publications: 

Jia, Y., Zhang, Z., Miao, S., Xiao, Y. (2019). Analysis of Affordable Housing Policy in Global Cities and the Inspiration to Shanghai. Urban Planning International, 34(02): 70-77.

PhD Student: Property-related institutions and property rights of gated communities in China: a new institutionalist approach
 Yiru  Jia