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CCHPR's publications during 2020
What is the goal of advanced telecare provision for older people? How we define its success will affect how we view its outcomes
Our blog for Dunhill Medical Trust looks at the different goals at play in the provision of telecare.
Urban informality in the Global North: (il)legal status and housing strategies of Ghanaian migrants in New York City
A journal paper co-authored by Sabina Maslova and Gemma Burgess has been published online by the International Journal of Housing Policy.
Unpicking the downsizing discourse
A paper by Gemma Burgess and Valentine Quinio has been published online by the journal Housing Studies. Unpicking the downsizing discourse: understanding the housing moves made by older people in England discusses the nuances of the resiidential moves made by over 55s in England.
Towards a co-creative Stakeholder engagement framework for Smart City projects
Richmond Ehwi gave a peer presentation to Department of Land Economy colleagues on 3 December 2020.
The Quarantini Podcast
Gemma Burgess contributed to The Quarantini podcast's look at the Digital Divide on 30 November 2020.
The Influence of the Belt and Road Initiative in Europe
The paper, The Influence of the Belt and Road Initiative in Europe, by Franziska Sielker & Elisabeth Kaufmann was published in September 2020.
The Digital Divide: what does the research tell us?
Gemma Burgess presented some of CCHPR's research findings as part of the Cambridge Digital Partnership's online conference on 19 October 2020.
Tackling the housing crisis through digital technologies and OSM
Our policy paper for the Bennett Institute of Public Policy at the University of Cambridge forms part of the series 'An Industrial Strategy for Tomorrow'.
Stakeholder Engagement Plan: West Cambridge Digital Twin Research Facility
Commissioned by the CDBB, the document sets out a comprehensive plan for stakeholder engagement activities for the Digital Twin Research Facility (DTRF) to be set up at West Cambridge.
Stakeholder engagement in Smart City initiatives
Richmond Ehwi's report to the CDBB shares insights into stakeholder engagement from his review of the Smart City initiatives in four UK cities.
Stakeholder Engagement for Smart Cities and DIPs: National Guidance Document
Our paper looks at the importance of effective stakeholder engagement, and sets out guidance on identifying stakeholders and appropriate forms of engagement across the lifetime of Smart Cities and Digital Infrastructure Projects.
FileSocio-cultural and individual inhibitors to the take up of digital innovation and off-site manufacturing in construction
Small-scale modular housing could provide a lifeline for people experiencing homelessness
CCHPR researchers have teamed up with colleagues at the Max Planck Cambridge Centre for Ethics Economy and Social Change in this article for The Conversation.
Residential trajectories of high-skilled transnational migrants in a global city: Exploring the housing choices of Russian and Italian professionals in London
A paper by Dr Sabina Maslova and Prof Russell King has been published in Cities.
Research Profile - Understanding the social context to transforming construction through digital innovation
The Cambridge Centre for Digital Built Britain has published a profile of our research.
New Horizons: Long term impact of coaching & the wider context of structural poverty
Hannah Holmes and Gemma Burgess 's report for New Horizons looks at the longer term impact of the project.
Modular Housing Project: preliminary findings
Our preliminary findings reports draws insights into the project from residents and stakeholders.
Infrastructure, placemaking and sustainability
Our first report for this project looks at the relationship between infrastructure planning and housing provision.
How does the provision of advanced, predictive telecare and smart home technology for older people affect its outcomes?
Our report looks at the provision of advanced, predictive telecare and smart home technology for older people.
How could better use of data and digital technologies improve the planning system?
Dr Rey Shojaei presented at the RTPI South West's online seminar 'How can digital technologies be used to promote positive planning?' on October 1, 2020.
Housing transformation, rent gap and gentrification in Ghana's traditional houses: Insight from compound houses in Bantama, Ghana
Housing Studies have published a paper co-authored by Richmond Ehwi.
Homes UK 2020: Challenges of BIM implementation
Rey Shojaei's presentation at Homes UK 2020 looked at some of the challenges facing the construction industry.
Half a century of working with the homeless in Cambridge: Cambridge Cyrenians 1970-2020
The book traces the history of the Cyrenians’ work with the homeless in Cambridge from their origins in the late 1960s to the current day. In 2010, the book was commissioned by Cambridge Cyrenians to commemorate their 40th anniversary, and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. In 2020, the book has been updated and republished to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Cambridge Cyrenians.
Four Futures, One Choice
Four Futures, One Choice presents us with a future lens enabling us to view, with clarity and detail, four scenarios of what Britain could look like in 2040, depending upon the decisions that are made now, in these unprecedented times of opportunity. The four compelling scenarios provide us all with an insight into how we can strategise now, taking swift and decisive actions, that will not only aid the COVID-19 recovery, but also help develop a built environment that supports a flourishing future and reduces our negative impact on the global environment.
Flourishing Systems
The Cambridge Centre for Digital Built Britain have published a white paper: 'Flourishing systems: re-envisioning infrastructure as a platform for human flourishing'.
Exploring ways to tackle the challenges of the need for skills and training in the implementation of Building Information Modelling: a case study of two leading UK construction companies
Dr Reyhaneh Shojaei's presentation was given to an international audience on 19 November 2020.
Exploring the Financial Implications of Advance Rent Payment and Induced Furnishing of Rental Housing in Ghanaian Cities: The Case of Dansoman, Accra-Ghana
Housing Policy Debate have published an article by Richmond Juvenile Ehwi, Lewis Abedi Asante & Nicky Morrison.
FileEnabling factors for the adoption and use of OSM
Divergence in planning for affordable housing: A comparative analysis of England and Portugal
Dr Sonia Alves's paper, Divergence in planning for affordable housing: A comparative analysis of England and Portugal, draws on findings from her research into planning for affordable housing in London, Lisbon and Copenhagen.
Community Exchange and Time Currencies: A systematic and in-depth thematic review of impact on public health outcomes
A paper by Caroline Lee, Gemma Burgess, Isla Kuhn, Andy Cowan and Louise Lafortune has been published in the journal Public Health.

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