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The Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research has been undertaking policy-oriented research since 1990. To read more about the Centre, its current research themes and its people - as well as how to contact us and where to find us, click here.

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Exploring the financial implications of advance rent payment and induced furnishing of rental housing in Ghanaian cities

Powerful, unscrupulous landlords and weak regulation in Ghanaian cities lead to significant financial pressures on prospective and existing renters. In this paper for Housing Policy Debate, Dr Richmond Ehwi et al. look at the vicious financial cycle experienced by urban tenants who, tied to exploitative rental housing, face further implications for their mobility and natural lifecycle progression.

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Virtuous or vicious cycles? The role of developer contributions

A paper co-authored by Gemma Burgess was published by Geoforum in November 2019. 'Virtuous or vicious circles? Exploring the behavioural connections between developer contributions and path dependence: Evidence from England' looks at behavioural aspects of the planning process and how developer contributions across England have resulted in inequalities in economic development.

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Unpicking the downsizing discourse

Downsizing is presented as a policy goal but only a minority of older households actually downsize. The complex nuances of residential moves by the over 55s are discussed in this Housing Studies paper by Gemma Burgess and Valentine Quinio.

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Residential trajectories of high-skilled transnational migrants in a global city

The paper, published by Cities, explores the residential trajectories of Russian and Italian professionals in London. Sabina Maslova and her co-author look at the differing motivations and choices behind individual housing careers.

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Living on the edge

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Call for papers!

Jan 12, 2021

Houses of Cards? The Rules and Institutions of Housing Illegality in Western Countries

Progress in Planning publish paper by Sonia Alves

Jan 05, 2021

The paper, Divergence in planning for affordable housing: A comparative analysis of England and Portugal, was published online, in December 2020, by Progress in Planning,

Four futures, one choice

Dec 14, 2020

Richmond Ehwi contributed to the CDBB's e-book, 'Four Futures, One Choice', which challenges its readers to think choose practices and lifestyles that use resources and data wisely.

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