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Michael Oxley: Urban Renewal Policy conference, NRU Moscow

Prof Michael Oxley opened a conference held by the Graduate School of Urbanism, part of the NRU Higher School of Ecoonomics, Moscow in October 2018.

The conference brought together international experts to look at urban planning, economic and social issues affecting urban redevelopment, housing renovation and affordability.

Mike's presentations have some overlap as he spoke to a variety of audiences but they provide a useful summary of the issues affecting housing affordability in Europe.


Affordable Housing: three versions

Housing tenure in Europe isn't always what it seems....

PDF document icon MO_Affordable Housing 3 Versions Moscow 1018.pdf — PDF document, 546 KB (559315 bytes)

Affordable Housing: national housing policies

An overview of national housing policies across Europe: the good and the not so good.

PDF document icon MO_Affordable Housing Policies Moscow 1018.pdf — PDF document, 522 KB (535502 bytes)

Affordable Housing: the European picture

The ins and outs of housing affordability in Europe.

PDF document icon MO_Affordable Housing European Moscow 1018.pdf — PDF document, 194 KB (198830 bytes)


Publication Date

October 2018