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A paper authored by CCHPR and CSA researchers has been published online by Construction Innovation.

Transforming the construction sector: an institutional complexity perspective discusses the ongoing efforts to transform the construction sector through a mix of policy-backed voluntary and coercive measures by drawing attention to issues of institutional complexity. Based on a critical synthesis of literature on industry transformation, and drawing on the concepts of logics, arrangements, complexity and strategic responses from institutional theory, seven questions are put forward, setting an agenda for future research. Although the arguments are contextualised to ongoing developments in the UK, they hold insights that are relevant for other advanced countries implementing policy driven initiatives to transform their construction industries.

Oti-Sapong, K, Pärn, E, Burgess, G and Zaki, M (2021) Transforming the construction sector: an institutional complexity perspective. Construction Innovation, Vol (ahead of print). DOI.


Kwadwo Oti-Sarpong

Erika Parn

Gemma Burgess

Mohamed Zaki

Publication Date

August 2021