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Digital Geography and Society have published a paper by Drs Hannah Holmes and Gemma Burgess. 

The paper focuses on the complex relationship between digital exclusion and poverty, and examines how a range of spatial, material, and temporal factors related to experiences of poverty shape opportunities to use the internet. Drawing upon qualitative data from interviews with coaches and participants in the New Horizons programme, the paper traces several key ways in which different aspects of poverty – including housing inequality – coalesce to shape experiences of digital exclusion. In doing so, the paper argues that examining the ways in which these seemingly offline aspects of poverty affect opportunities to use the internet provides an opportunity to enhance understandings of exactly how digital exclusion is manifested for those experiencing poverty.

Holmes, H. and Burgess, G. (2022) Digital exclusion and poverty in the UK: How structural inequality shapes experiences of getting online. Digital Geography and Society, Volume 3, 2022, 100041.

Publication Date

July 2022