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Stakeholder Engagement for Smart Cities and DIPs: National Guidance Document

Our paper looks at the importance of effective stakeholder engagement, and sets out guidance on identifying stakeholders and appropriate forms of engagement across the lifetime of Smart Cities and Digital Infrastructure Projects.

DIPs can help to create more inclusive urban environments through meaningful stakeholder engagement, and they can help to safeguard against exacerbating inequalities. This best practice document sets out guidance on stakeholder engagement for policymakers and practitioners leading Smart City initiatives or Digital Infrastructure Projects (DIPs).

The document sets out the following:

  • the stages at which project leaders might choose to begin stakeholder engagement;
  • ways to identify stakeholders;
  • guidance on how to choose an approach to stakeholder engagement;
  • detailed advice on things to consider while carrying out particular forms of stakeholder engagement; and
  • key recommendations which should be followed by project leaders seeking to facilitate meaningful engagement.


Publication Date

August 2020