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Projects commencing in 2015
Designing compliance into regulatory codes

For this project Dr Paul Sanderson (supported by Daniel Banks and Prof. Simon Deakin) worked alongside BRDO staff in their offices, contributing from previous research knowledge on optimising compliance to (i) the design of regulatory codes, and (ii) communications about regulatory codes, affect approaches to compliance.

Downsizing and moving in later life - new build housing or existing stock?

This research explored why older households move in later life, the size of property they moved to and why they choose either new build housing or existing stock. It considered what the house building sector can learn from their experience and what opportunities that this presents to the house building sector.

Estimated net income distribution of working households by household type and locality

This project estimated working households’ net income distributions at local authority level. 'Net income' was defined as income excluding income-related benefits – most notably, Housing Benefit.

Evaluating the public health outcomes of the Cambridgeshire Time Credits Scheme

CCHPR's evaluation of the public health outcomes of the Cambridgeshire Time Credits project in Wisbech looked at the potential of the project to reduce health inequalities.

Identifying housing need in the horseracing industry

In order to inform its investment plans and future housing strategy Racing Homes wanted to ascertain the level of housing need currently experienced within the horse racing industry and, in particular, where they have existing housing stock. The aim of this research was to establish the degree and nature of current unmet need for affordable housing among racing staff and to make recommendations as to how that need may best be met.

Multi generational living: potential opportunities for the house building sector?

This research for the NHBC Foundation analysed the scale and nature of multi generational living in England and explored the opportunities that this presents to the house building sector.

The private rented sector in North Hertfordshire

This project involved analysis of private sector data to assist North Hertfordshire District Council in developing its private sector housing strategy.

Research on the effect of rent stabilisation measures in London

The London Assembly’s Housing Committee undertook an investigation in autumn 2015 into the likely impact of a range of rent stabilisation measures on London’s housing market.

The effects of rent controls on supply and markets

This project, commissioned by Shelter, explored the possible effects of different rent control scenarios on the operation of the Private Rented Sector in England. Six different rent control options were considered, proposing different limits to rents and changes to security of tenure.

Understanding the likely poverty impacts of the extension of Right to Buy to housing association tenants

This short piece of research, commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation aimed to better understand likely poverty impacts of the extension of Right to Buy to housing associations and the associated sale of higher value local authority stock.

Refining the recent release of the ONS ‘Travel-To-Work Areas’ for housing planning purposes

This project objective was to refine the ONS Travel-To-Work Areas for Cambridge to make them more appropriate for housing planning purposes.

Other Publications

The remaining publications from the year that are not listed under CCHPR projects - e.g. related journal articles by CCHPR researchers.

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