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CCHPR's publications during 2006.
At your service: Housing association rents and service charges for supported housing and housing for older people
This report describes the pattern of average housing association rents and service charges for the combined categories, supported housing and housing for older people (supported housing /HOP), which were collected for the first time in 2005.
Defining the Size of the Housing Association Sector: Good practice guide to using data from the Regulatory and Statistical Return (RSR)
This paper sets out the three core definitions to be used when reporting the size of the Housing Association (HA) sector. It also sets out, as part of good practice, the issues to be considered when using different sector size formulae for different circumstances.
Delivering affordable housing through s106: outputs and outcomes, Report
Foyers in the UK and France – Comparisons and Contrasts
This paper compares Foyers in the UK and France, considering background, history, policy and outputs.
Guide to Local Rents 2006
Project publications from 2006.
Housing Associations and the movement to target rents, 2004 to 2005
This Sector Study compares actual (net)rents to target rents as at 31 March 2004 and 31 March 2005 and examines the extent to which actual rents have moved towards target rents. It also describes the annual change in gross rents for the period 1 April 2004 to 31 March 2005.
Impact of Changes in the Definitions in Supported Housing and Housing for Older People between the RSR 2004 and 2005
This report investigates the impact of changes in definitions used for data collection in the Regulatory and Statistical Return between 2004 and 2005. The term sheltered housing was no longer used in the 2005 RSR. Instead, a new category 'Housing for Older People' was introduced. Data taken from the RSR 2004 and 2005 has been analysed to assess the overall impact the change in definition has had on stock numbers within the social housing sector.
Launch Pad for Life
A report on the roles and activities of Foyers, sponsored by TSA.
Low Cost Home Ownership in Different Housing Markets, Report
This paper reports on a project looking at how the benefits and risks vary between areas under current schemes. Using secondary data from 1995 – 2004, the paper aims to identify key issues relating to the demand for existing low cost homeownership schemes.
More Households to be Housed – Where is the increase in households coming from? – technical document
Update of analysis of the Government's new 2006 Household Projections; examining the elements making up the projected growth; the robustness of the projections; and their implications for housing requirements.
Private sector rents and rates of return, 1996/97 to 2000/01
The purpose of this paper is to analyse how private rents relate to house prices and to examine the relationship between private sector rents and house prices, and by implication the gross rates of return achievable, over the period 19996/97 to 2000/01.
Profile of the HA Sector 2006
Project publications from 2006
Stock Managed Pending Transfer into Ownership: Addressing Delays
Following on from Phase I the research team determined why stock transfer had not taken place by managing HAs and identified barriers to stock transfer that both BME and mainstream HAs were facing.
The Impact of Changes in Definitions in Supported Housing and Housing for Older People between the RSR 2004 and 2005 - A Qualitative Follow-Up Study
This study follows on from previous recent research which evaluated the impact of shifts in RSR data resulting from changes in definitions to Supported Housing and the introduction of Housing for Older People between the 2004 and 2005 RSR. This research was conducted in order to ascertain why unexpected shifts of stock between categories were reported and what could be done to rectify mistakes and avoid confusion in the future.

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