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CCHPR's publications during 2018
Uptake of digital tools in the UK house building sector - reports
The final report to the Centre for Digital Built Britain, along with an executive summary, are available to download:
Universalism vs Particularism
Professor Mike Oxley gave a presentation to an international audience at Université Paris-Est on 13 March 2018.
The Incidence, Value and Delivery of Planning Obligations and Community Infrastructure Levy in England in 2016-17
The Incidence, Value and Delivery of Planning Obligations and Community Infrastructure Levy in England in 2016-17 (Inquiry)
The impact of taxation reform on the private rented sector
The Edge Debate: OxMKCam growth corridor symposium
Gemma Burgess gave a presentation at Edge Debate 87: The Oxford – Milton Keynes – Cambridge Growth Corridor. The debate looked at the potential to plan for sustainable growth, making places that work for people.
Structure and agency: variations in planning outcomes and the delivery of affordable housing in England
Dr Gemma Burgess delivered a presentation on behalf of herself and Sónia Alves at the 4th Annual International Conference on Urban Planning and Property Development in Singapore
Structural change in the housing & mortgage markets?
'Taking the long view; structural change in the housing and mortgage markets?' by Peter Williams has been published in Issue 353 of Moneyfacts:
Seminar 2: Will digital transformations solve our housing crisis?
Seminar 1: What are the key things we need to know in order to deliver affordable, sustainable housing in a Digital Built Britain?
Presentation of findings to Housing Studies Association
Kathryn Muir presented the findings of CCHPR's research for Commonweal Housing at the 2018 HSA Conference in Sheffield, as part of the Early Career Research stream.
Position Paper 4: How could better use of data and digital technologies improve housing delivery through the UK planning system?
Position Paper 3: How will the UK govern, manage and maintain housing stock in a Digital Built Britain?
Position Paper 2: What is the role of off-site housing manufacture in a Digital Built Britain?
Position paper 1: How can digital tools and technologies support independent living for older people, now and into the future?
PLPR 2018 Presentation: Evora
Sónia Alves and João Ferrão gave a presentation on 'Land-use planning and the provision of affordable housing in Portugal' to the 2018 Annual Planning, Law and Property Rights conference at the University of Novi-Sad.
Performative knowledge and marketplace exclusion
A paper by Gemma Burgess, Mihaela Keleman, Sue Moffat and Elizabeth Parsons has been published by Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal.
Outcomes of Urban Requalification under Neoliberalism
Sónia Alves, CCHPR, and Rosa Branco, CICS, gave a presentation to the Urban Sociology Research Network in Madrid.
Mortgage markets and access to owner occupation for younger households
OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers No. 196: Changes in the regulation and control of mortgage markets and access to owner-occupation among younger households
Land-use planning and housing: issues of supply and affordability
Sónia Alves presented at the 2018 UK and Ireland Planning Conference in Sheffield, September 2018.
ICS Lisbon: Blog
Sónia's blog for ICS Lisbon looks at the potential for land value capture to impact the provision of affordable housing in Portugal: Mobilizar as mais valias do planeamento a favor da construção de habitação económica?
HSA Presentation: Conceptualising the differences
Sónia Alves's presentation to the Housing Studies Association conference 2018 in Sheffield looked at the differences and commonality in spatial planning.
FileHow will the UK govern, manage and maintain housing stock in a Digital Built Britain?
Housing and Urban Planning Policies Presentation
Dr Sónia Alves gave a lecture to the students of the University of Lisbon's Programme for Seniors on Housing and Urban Planning Policies in Portugal.
Evaluation of Help to Buy equity loan scheme
MHCLG have published 'Evaluation of Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme 2017', co-authored by Peter Williams.
Developing income-linked rents for CHS Group final report
Cross-comparative analysis of Portugal, England and Denmark
Sónia Alves presented at the International Conference on the Global Dynamics of Social Policy at the University of Bremen, on behalf of herself and Gemma Burgess, in October 2018.
CIH UK Housing Review 2018 Autumn Briefing Paper
The Chartered Institute for Housing has published its ninth briefing paper, complementing the 2018 Housing Review.
Assessing the evidence on rent control from an international perspective
The Residential Landlords Association commissioned an independent review from Peter Williams and Christine Whitehead, both former directors of CCHPR, in the light of the rapid growth in size of the private rented sector.