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Building social capital through community timebanking: an evaluation of the Cambridgeshire timebanking project

Timebanking is an exchange system in which time is the principal currency. For every hour participants ‘deposit’ in a timebank, they are able to ‘withdraw’ an hour of support when they are in need. This research evaluated the development of a timebanking project in Cambridgeshire by Cambridgeshire County Council and the CHS Group.

Timebanking is a community scheme which enables local people to exchange skills and support in a structured way around the swapping of units of their time. It can help to build social capital in local communities, but may also have the potential to generate cost savings.


Project Publications:

Evaluation of the Cambridgeshire Timebanks

The research suggested that the timebanks were developing successfully, with increasing numbers of members and exchanges. There was evidence of a range of benefits to the members who are involved and evidence of positive outcomes, including reduced social isolation.

Evaluation of the Cambridgeshire Timebanks - Read More…

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Cambridgeshire County Council

Project Start Date

13th July 2012