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A paper by Richmond Ehwi and colleagues from the Centre for Digital Built Britain has been published by Sustainable CIties and Society.

The paper explores how digital technology offers opportunities to understand and model solutions to the multiple issues facing society. It looks twenty years ahead to 2040 and explores four scenarios and identifies key strategies that can lead to the sustainable development of the Built Environment, outlining a number of actions, based on digital technology and a green information economy, that should be combined with the path for recovery from Covid-19 and ensure a future better for everyone in a digital built Britain.

Gurder Broo, D., Lamb, K., Ehwi, R.J., Pärn, E., Koronaki, A., Makric, C. and Zomer, T. (2020) Built environment of Britain in 2040: Scenarios and strategies. Sustainable Cities and Society, Volume 65, 2021, 102645. DOI:


Didem Gürdür Broo

Kirsten Lamb

Richmond Ehwi

Erika Pärn

Antiopi Koronaki

Chara Makri

Thayla Zomer



Publication Date

February 2021