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Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research


In 2012, the Government was looking to end temporary support measures for home-buyers that were introduced during the economic and housing market downturn, but there had been no progress on agreeing a more effective safety net for the future. This project was commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in order to review the current safety net for home owners, how it might change in the light of government reforms and, looking to the future, whether a better and more sustainable safety net could be provided.

The full report, by Peter Williams, then Director of CCHPR, and Steve Wilcox, sets out a number of options for reform (including doing nothing) and focuses on two options that could provide a more effective and durable safety net for the years ahead. The most effective scheme would be a compulsory new state and private sector partnership, along the lines of the 'SHOP’ (Sustainable Home Ownership Partnership) scheme, as advocated in previous JRF reports.

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Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Project Start Date

1st September 2012