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Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research


The project sought to influence (a) public policy on affordable housing supply policy instruments and (b) public understanding of policy measures that would increase the supply of affordable housing through the production of a short film, a policy workshop, and engagement with politicians and the general public.

The short film, that explained the research findings in a manner accessible to policy makers and the general public, would be presented at the series of engagement events detailed below. The film would also be placed on the CCHPR website. There will be: A round table event with representatives of government, political parties, professional organisations and pressure groups (at which the film would be shown) hosted by Places for People; A “policy workshop” with key policy makers (at which the film would be shown); A set of articles in newspapers and policy-orientated magazines; The use of social media (including Twitter and Facebook) to promote awareness of the significance of the research.

Affordable Housing Film

CCHPR has made a short film on promoting policy change to boost the supply of affordable housing. The film sets out the problem of a low level of house building in the UK, relative to needs, and looks at the policy options to address the low level of production.

Variations in house building rates between local authorities in England

CCHPR has examined the evidence for the assertion that some locations have much higher levels of house building than others. Here we present some basic data. CHHPR intends to carry out further work to explore the reasons for the variations.

CCHPR Contact

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University of Cambridge, ESRC Impact Acceleration Account, Pilot Programme

Project Start Date

1st April 2014