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Engaging stakeholders in digital infrastructure projects

Richmond Ehwi's report to the CDBB provides a comprehensive review of available literature on stakeholder engagement, focusing on Smart City initiatives and digital infrastructure projects.

This report was commissioned in order to provide recommendations that will guide stakeholder engagement for the Digital Twin project at the West Cambridge site, University of Cambridge.

Richmond Ehwi's comprehensive literature review found that stakeholder engagement frequently takes place after initiatives have been developed, meaning that it can only be used as a source of data or feedback and therefore limits its value to merely tweaking the plans, ideas and ideals that underpin Smart City initiatives.

Co-production and co-design occur as a direct result of effective stakeholder engagement, and the review identifies ways of identifying and engaging meaningfully and productively with stakeholder groups in order to fully engage them with digital infrastructure projects. It sets these firmly in the context of the West Cambridge Digital Twin project, and sets out practical ways for remedial action, given that the Digital Twin project is already underway.


Publication Date

December 2019