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This series of six seminars examines substantive and methodological issues surrounding marketplace exclusion. The seminars are designed to create links between academics, early career researchers, business leaders, community groups, activists and policy makers interested in the dynamics of marketplace exclusion and means of countering it.

Marketplace exclusion involves barriers to full and fair participation within the market. It is more than an economic phenomenon. It captures the failure of the marketplace to provide goods and services that individuals can afford and reach, and also the failure of the marketplace to adequately represent consumers and society.

This seminar series brings together marketing, organisation studies and consumer research scholars on the one hand, and social policy and community cohesion scholars on the other, to identify the ways in which marketplace mechanisms contribute to exclusion as well as policy and community initiative responses to ameliorate this. Each seminar is designed to offer inter-disciplinary insight as well as viewpoints from practitioners and policy makers. The series will consist of five one-day seminars and a theatre production followed by a practitioner workshop for the sixth event. Each event will have around 25-30 participants, and will comprise 3-4 speakers.

For more information about the series please contact Prof. Liz Parsons:

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