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Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research


Cambridge City Council and Oxford City Council commissioned this study to inform planning policy with regard to the provision of student accommodation, and its impact upon housing need, within the two cities.

The key objectives of the project are:

  • For both Councils, to prepare a baseline analysis of the current structure of the student population in each city, its current accommodation, and the future plans of the educational institutions in each city.
  • For Cambridge City Council, to provide a review of relevant planning policies adopted or proposed by other local authorities experiencing particular pressure from student numbers, and to assess the need for student accommodation in the city over the plan period to 2031 and how this need might be met.


Assessment of Student Housing Demand and Supply for Cambridge City Council

This report presents the findings of the Cambridge City assessment of student housing demand and supply. Cambridge City Council commissioned the report to help to inform planning policy with regard to the provision of student accommodation and its impact upon housing need. The aim was to provide evidence to inform discussions about the need for, and supply of, student accommodation in relation to the emerging Local Plan.

CCHPR Contact


Cambridge and Oxford City Councils

Project Start Date

August 2016