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CCHPR's publications during 2009.
A Review of Social Housing in Jersey
This report was commissioned by the Housing Department of the States of Jersey to review the need for social housing in Jersey, and to make recommendations on the future ownership and management of the States’ social housing stock.
Action Plans
Including First Round, Second Round and Kickstart Action Plans (42 Action Plans in total).
Affordability of Housing Association Rents: Rent-to-Income Ratio vs. Residual Income
This paper examines residual income measures to investigate the impact of housing association rents on individual household’s capacity to afford an adequate standard of living.
Analysis of distribution and rents of properties with five or more bedrooms, 2006/07
This paper explores the extent to which housing associations (HAs) were providing dwellings for large family households who require four bedrooms or more, and the extent to which there was a shortfall in such provision. It examines the available stock of larger units; the ownership structure of these units; their spatial distribution; and the rents charged for these properties. The paper concentrates on five bedroom and six plus bedroom units in 2006/07.
Annual Analysis of the current pattern of Registered Social Landlord rents 2007/08
The report examines the RSL rent patterns over the period from 2001/02 to 2007/08. It also looks at changes in rents over the same period at different spatial levels; rents by property size; and finally the rent relativities between neighbouring local authorities.
Changing Affordability across the Major Tenures, 2002/03–2006/07
This briefing paper examines the affordability in the housing associating (HA) sector over the period 2002/03–2006/07. It also compares the position of HA tenants with those in the private rented and owner-occupier sector.
Comparison of stock, rents and service charges among different types of social landlords - Baseline study: 2007/08
This paper draws comparisons of stock, rents and service charges between four different types of social landlord; Traditional mixed funded Registered Social LandLords (RSLs); RSLs who have taken over local authority stock via Large Scale Voluntary Transfer; Local authorities (retention LAs); and Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMO).
Continuous recording of lettings (CORE): weighting and imputation methodology
This report details the findings of research commissioned by Communities and Local Government. It recommends a method of adjusting for missing local authority data within the Continuous Recording of Lettings (LA CORE) system. This method was implemented on the 2007/08 dataset and some summary figures have already been published.
Cross tenure rents and affordability 2007/08 update
This briefing paper examines affordability in the housing association (HA) sector over the period 2002/03–2007/08. It also compares the position of HA tenants with those in the private rented and owner-occupier sectors.
Evaluation Outputs
Including EHO Trailblazers Evaluation Framework and Methods Final Report, Literature Review and Scoping Report.
Evolution of rent caps
This paper updates and builds on previous analyses to show how rent caps have affected rent determination and assess the extent to which the introduction of a larger number of property size bands and higher rent caps has reduced the incidence of rent caps.
Guide to Local Rents 2009
Project publications from 2009.
Housing Association Service Charges for General Needs Housing, 2003/04–2007/08
This report looks at how service charges applied to general needs stock by housing associations (HA) vary between different property types and sizes, and between types of HA, by region and looking particularly at London.
Housing Associations and the Movement to Target Rents 2008 to 2009
Each year the TSA published data in the form of a Rents Factfile, a paper that compares actual net rents to target rents as at 31 March of two consecutive years. The Factfile was produced on behalf of the TSA by Dataspring. This most recent paper examines the extent to which actual rents moved towards target rents in 2008 and 2009 and describes the annual change in gross rents for the period 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2009.
Improving the capacity of the planning system in England and Wales: a view from the regions
This project comprised a series of regional round table discussions in the North, Midlands, East, South, London and Wales to assess the capacity of the planning system to deliver the government’s housing targets in sustainable communities. The report presents the findings together with practical recommendations for improvement.
Low Cost Home Ownership and the Credit Crunch: a report on regional markets and competition with private developers
The Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research (CCHPR) report for the Tenant Services Authority explores the impact of the credit crunch and housing market turbulence on Low Cost Home Ownership (LCHO).
Negotiating mix – key process study
A report on a process study within the evaluation of the MCI, looking at negotiations on the mix of affordable and market dwellings in new developments, and at how capital receipts are used.
Planning and the Gender Equality Duty – why does gender matter?
This research looked at how those involved in planning and regeneration in local authorities have been including an emphasis on promoting gender equality in their work. The study took an early look at how the Gender Equality Duty is shaping planning and regeneration policy and practice.
Profile of the HA Sector 2009
Project publications from 2009.
Renting in the Downturn: Assessing the Impact of the Economic Downturn on Renters and the Rented Sectors
This report was produced for the Housing Markets and Analysis (HAS) Expert Panel which provides research and advice to the Department for Communities and Local Government. It looks at the impact of the downturn on the rental sectors of the housing market, both private and social. It looks at lessons from past recessions, explores the impact of the current recession on providers of rental housing and makes some suggestions for appropriate policy responses.
Rents and rates of return in the housing association and private sectors 1998/99 to 2007/08
The report examines rental rates of return in the housing association sector as compared to those observed in the private rented sector between 1998/99 and 2007/08 at national as well as at lower geographical levels.
Research into underoccupation in the East of England
This report, commissioned by the National Housing Federation Eastern Region, presents the findings from research into underoccupation in the East of England. The project comprised a review of the literature and current research, interviews with local stakeholders and a web based survey of all housing providers in the region. The results were then used by the NHF to produce a glossy campaigning report which was launched in Cambridge on 26 July 2009.
Target rents in relation to market levels
This paper looks at housing association target rents and how they differ from private sector rents, in an attempt to capture the extent to which affordability is delivered by the target rents.

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