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The housing market and the wider economy

Our collaborative research programme for Places for People will take an in depth look at the housing market and the complexity of its relationship with society and the wider economy.

Places for People want to continue to develop an innovative understanding of the housing market as a system, its role as infrastructure and explore the role of social impact and neighbourhood strategy within the context of social housing.

The UK has a housing crisis. Supply falls consistently below demand, rising rents and high house prices create worsening affordability pressures, home ownership has declined and homelessness is increasing. There are considerable challenges in the planning system which inhibit housing delivery. Tackling these problems will require innovative thinking and world-leading research with an applied focus.

We are delighted to take forward a collaborative research programme between Places for People and the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research (CCHPR). The research will focus on key topics of concern to the housing sector.

Infrastructure, placemaking and sustainability

Our first report for this project looks at the relationship between infrastructure planning and housing provision.

Infrastructure, placemaking and sustainability - Read More…

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Project Start Date

December 2019