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The purpose of this note was to review current concepts and measures of housing need in use in England, and how they relate to effective demand. It looks at what is likely to be the new supply of housing that would be required to meet the need generated by population and household growth and change; how much of this supply could be generated by private effective demand; and how much would depend on assistance.

Alan Holmans’ new paper looks first at past changes in population and households and in housing supply, with particular reference to 2001 to 2011. It then compares estimates of future housing need post 2011 and how they compare with earlier estimates and with new housing supply in earlier years. Thirdly it asks how much of the new supply has been in response to effective demand and how much has been subsidised ‘affordable’ housing; and finally it asks how much of the supply required to meet new housing need would have to be assisted housing.


Alan Holmans

Publication Date

April 2014