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Complete list of publications and presentations, with the most recent at the top.
Homelessness Prevention through One-to-One Coaching
Homelessness Prevention through One-To-One Coaching: The Relationship between Coaching, Class Stigma, and Self-Esteem by Hannah Holmes and Gemma Burgess has been published by Housing, Theory and Society.
SO Resi Shared Ownership 2020
The findings of CCHPR's research, by Gemma Burgess, were released by SO Resi (Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing's shared ownership brand) at an industry event on 3 February 2021.
Locating OSM: Offsite construction is firmly on the agenda, but where exactly is ‘offsite’?
Locating OSM: Offsite construction is firmly on the agenda, but where exactly is ‘offsite’?, a blog by Hannah Holmes and Gemma Burgess, has been published by CCHPR.
Last-time buyers
In January 2021, The Guardian newspaper highlighted our research for the Nationwide Foundation in their feature 'A place called home'.
Towards a co-creative Stakeholder engagement framework for Smart City projects
Richmond Ehwi gave a peer presentation to Department of Land Economy colleagues on 3 December 2020.
Can smart homes meet the needs of our ageing population? The challenges of implementation
Gemma Burgess, who sits on the TAPPI panel, gave a presentation as part of the Housing LIN Summit 2020 session on mainstreaming accessible housing on 11 December 2020.
How does the provision of advanced, predictive telecare and smart home technology for older people affect its outcomes?
Our report looks at the provision of advanced, predictive telecare and smart home technology for older people.
The Digital Divide: what does the research tell us?
Gemma Burgess presented some of CCHPR's research findings as part of the Cambridge Digital Partnership's online conference on 19 October 2020.
Small-scale modular housing could provide a lifeline for people experiencing homelessness
CCHPR researchers have teamed up with colleagues at the Max Planck Cambridge Centre for Ethics Economy and Social Change in this article for The Conversation.
New Horizons: Long term impact of coaching & the wider context of structural poverty
Hannah Holmes and Gemma Burgess 's report for New Horizons looks at the longer term impact of the project.
Urban informality in the Global North: (il)legal status and housing strategies of Ghanaian migrants in New York City
A journal paper co-authored by Sabina Maslova and Gemma Burgess has been published online by the International Journal of Housing Policy.
Beyond the pandemic: tackle the digital divide
The crisis is forcing us all to change direction, to rethink what we do and how we do it. In this series, the University of Cambridge asks the question: beyond the pandemic, where should we go from here?
Flourishing Systems
The Cambridge Centre for Digital Built Britain have published a white paper: 'Flourishing systems: re-envisioning infrastructure as a platform for human flourishing'.
Unpicking the downsizing discourse
A paper by Gemma Burgess and Valentine Quinio has been published online by the journal Housing Studies. Unpicking the downsizing discourse: understanding the housing moves made by older people in England discusses the nuances of the resiidential moves made by over 55s in England.
Community Exchange and Time Currencies: A systematic and in-depth thematic review of impact on public health outcomes
A paper by Caroline Lee, Gemma Burgess, Isla Kuhn, Andy Cowan and Louise Lafortune has been published in the journal Public Health.
ARCOM Conference Paper : OSM & Construction Industry Transformation
The paper 'Offsite manufacturing and construction industry transformation: a multi-level socio-technical transitions perspective' has been published in the Proceedings of the 36th Annual ARCOM Conference.
Tackling the housing crisis through digital technologies and OSM
Our policy paper for the Bennett Institute of Public Policy at the University of Cambridge forms part of the series 'An Industrial Strategy for Tomorrow'.
Virtuous or vicious circles?
A paper co-authored by Gemma Burgess was published by Geoforum in November 2019: Virtuous or vicious circles? Exploring the behavioural connections between developer contributions and path dependence: Evidence from England.
Working together to respond to poverty in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
The New Horizons Conference was held on 21 November, 2019 at the Storey Centre, Eddington, Cambridge.
Offsite construction: is it the answer to the housing crisis?
Dr Gemma Burgess presented at the National Housing Federation's Asset Management and Maintenance Conference on 23 October 2019.
Is co-living a housing solution for vulnerable older people?
Our final report for the Nationwide Foundation and the Nationwide Building Society was published in 2019. A summary report is also available.
Exploring CSaP's impact
Our report for the Centre for Science and Policy explores the impact and acheivements of the Policy Fellowship programme.
Households of the Future: will sharing our home become the new norm?
CCHPR researchers and special guests were joined by members of the public for a lively debate on cohousing, multigenerational living and life as a digital nomad at Queens' College, Cambridge on Tuesday 15 October.
The Increase in Multigenerational Households in the UK
The Increase in Multigenerational Households in the UK: The Motivations for and Experiences of Multigenerational Living by Gemma Burgess and Kathryn Muir has been published online in Housing, Theory and Society.
Creating positive economic communities (draft report)
A draft version of our report for Local Trust is available.
Tackling digital, financial and employment exclusion
This final report for the Evaluation of the New Horizons programme provides evidence about the impact of personalised coaching for people facing financial, digital and workplace exclusion.
Reinventing Renting
Our report, Reinventing Renting: The application of digital technology in housing for 'generation rent', was presented as part of the CDBB's September2019 showcase event .
Reinventing Renting
Our report, Reinventing Renting: The application of digital technology in housing for 'generation rent', was presented as part of the CDBB's September2019 showcase event .
ITV News Anglia report on New Horizons
ITV News Anglia reporter Elodie Harper reported on the impact of the New Horizons project at the end of May 2019.
Reciprocity in the co-production of public services
Gemma Burgess and Daniel Durrant's paper has been published in Social Policy and Society.

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Mar 24, 2021

Cambridge Service Alliance and CCHPR are hosting the event on Tuesday 27 April 2021, 1300-1630.

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Mar 23, 2021

Politico's Digital Bridge newsletter looks at some of the digital mistruths circulating after a year of lockdown, and focuses in on an unfortunate truth - the digital divide is widening.

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