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Dr Reyhaneh Shojaei


Complete list of projects, with the most recent at the top.
Understanding the socio-economic inhibitors to the take up of digital innovation in construction
Transforming construction is a social, cultural, economic and political challenge, and not just a technical problem, and our project will focus on the key social and cultural factors inhibiting digital uptake in the construction sector and which are holding back transformation across the construction supply chain. The research will seek to understand and then improve the socio-cultural bottlenecks preventing the uptake of technical innovations in construction.

Publications and Presentations

Complete list of publications and presentations, with the most recent at the top.
Tackling the housing crisis through digital technologies and OSM
Our policy paper for the Bennett Institute of Public Policy at the University of Cambridge forms part of the series 'An Industrial Strategy for Tomorrow'.
State of the nation: sector report (Digital Innovation)
Dr Reyhaneh Shojaei's report sets out the current state of the UK construction industry in relation to the socio-economic inhibitors to the uptake of digital innovation.
Blog for CDBB - October 2019
Dr Rey Shojaei's blog for the Centre for Digital Built Britain explains the thinking behind her research into the socio-economic inhibitors to the take up of digital innovation in construction.
File text/x-nemerleState of the nation: sector report (DI)
File Objective-C source codeState of the nation: sector report (OSM)
File text/x-nemerleOSM & Construction Industry Transformation

Living on the edge

Gemma Burgess and Lynne McAulay talk about the evaluation of the New Horizons project

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Jimmy's Cambridge release video of modular homes for local homeless people

Sep 09, 2020

This innovative project has seen the installation of six quality OSM units in Cambridge.

Facing a new economic Goliath

Sep 08, 2020

A blog by Franziska Sielker and her co-authors has been published by the Regional Studies Association.

Regional Studies, Regional Science publish new paper by Franziska Sielker

Sep 02, 2020

The paper, The influence of the Belt and Road Initiative in Europe, by Franziska Sielker & Elisabeth Kaufmann was published on 2 September 2020.

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