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As the project looking at the evaluation of public health outcomes of the Cambridgeshire Time Credits scheme in Wisbech drew to a close, three short films were released. Each of the films presents a different angle on the Cambridgeshire Time Credits case study in Wisbech.

Evaluation of the public health outcomes of the Cambridgeshire Time Credits project in Wisbech: three short films

The three films each present a different angle on the Wisbech case study. With a summary of the case study itself, an overview placing the case study in context and a short, accessible animation, they provide a comprehensive summary of the research project. The films were presented at a launch at the University of Cambridge in May 2017.

Of particular interest to public health practitioners or those responsible for commissioning or delivering public services, Dr Gemma Burgess presents a summary of the project findings.

Staff and volunteers from a local primary school talk about their experiences and the positive benefits of Time Credits for both the school community and individuals in this case study.

An accessible insight into the benefits of involvement in a Time Credits scheme, the story of a typical volunteer is told in an animated film.

Publication Date

May 2017