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Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research


This short research project was commissioned by Thames Valley Housing Association in order to examine the practice of reselling shared ownership homes after the owner has undertaken (and paid for) improvements to their home.

This project arose out of the research project that the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research (CCHPR) carried out for Thames Valley Housing Association in 2012 and which resulted in the high-profile report Understanding the second-hand market for shared ownership properties. 

The previous research identified some issues arising when a shared ownership property is sold, having previously been the subject improvement work by the shared owner. It appeared that the calculation of the value of the improvements and their apportionment between the owner and the housing association (HA) often lacks transparency can be complex and can in some cases be perceived as unfair by either the seller or purchaser. 
This research aims to:

  • Identify what approaches to valuing improvements are currently taken by different HAs and which are most common.
  • Assess the practical implications for all parties to the sales transaction including external agencies such as lenders.
  • Develop definitions of “improvements” and “maintenance” that minimise the likelihood that shared owners could be confused about this distinction and that dissatisfaction with the sale price received could thereby be generated.
  • Examine ways in which prevailing practices can be improved, and look at whether some common approach can be developed that would promote simplicity and transparency.


Project Publications:

Reselling shared ownership properties after improvements

This short report, commissioned by Thames Valley Housing Association explores the process of reselling shared ownership properties in situations where owners have made improvements, increasing the value of their home. It explores the relative merits of different systems in use for valuing the improvements and attempting to ensure that the owner benefits financially for any uplift in value they have created.

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Thames Valley Charitable Housing Association

Project Start Date

19th February 2013