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Tackling social and digital exclusion
Early Career Researcher Valentine Quinio presented to the People, Place and Policy Conference at Sheffield Hallam University on 3 July 2019.
ITV News Anglia report on New Horizons
ITV News Anglia reporter Elodie Harper reported on the impact of the New Horizons project at the end of May 2019.
BIM in the UK house building industry
Dr Gemma Burgess gave a presentation to the BIM4Housing group on the opportunities for and barriers to adoption of BIM in the UK house building industry.
Understanding the relationship between land use planning and housing
Dr Sónia Alves gave a presentation at 'Affordable housing: the 20th century legacy,' an international congress held at the Faculty of Architecture of Porto University (FAUP) in May 2019.
The challenges of gentrification
In March 2019, Sónia Alves took part in a debate on the challenges of governance, tourism and population in the historical centre of Porto.
Land Economy Seminar Series Presentation
As part of the Department of Land Economy's Michaelmas seminar series, Dr Alves gave a presentation of her research to date, focusing on her international comparative analysis of housing and planning use.
Seminar 2: Will digital transformations solve our housing crisis?
The Edge Debate: OxMKCam growth corridor symposium
Gemma Burgess gave a presentation at Edge Debate 87: The Oxford – Milton Keynes – Cambridge Growth Corridor. The debate looked at the potential to plan for sustainable growth, making places that work for people.
Structure and agency: variations in planning outcomes and the delivery of affordable housing in England
Dr Gemma Burgess delivered a presentation on behalf of herself and Sónia Alves at the 4th Annual International Conference on Urban Planning and Property Development in Singapore
Cross-comparative analysis of Portugal, England and Denmark
Sónia Alves presented at the International Conference on the Global Dynamics of Social Policy at the University of Bremen, on behalf of herself and Gemma Burgess, in October 2018.
Land-use planning and housing: issues of supply and affordability
Sónia Alves presented at the 2018 UK and Ireland Planning Conference in Sheffield, September 2018.
Outcomes of Urban Requalification under Neoliberalism
Sónia Alves, CCHPR, and Rosa Branco, CICS, gave a presentation to the Urban Sociology Research Network in Madrid.
Presentation of findings to Housing Studies Association
Kathryn Muir presented the findings of CCHPR's research for Commonweal Housing at the 2018 HSA Conference in Sheffield, as part of the Early Career Research stream.
HSA Presentation: Conceptualising the differences
Sónia Alves's presentation to the Housing Studies Association conference 2018 in Sheffield looked at the differences and commonality in spatial planning.
Advanced Sociology Seminars Presentation
Dr Alves gave a presentation on interdisciplinary approaches to housing research at the University of Lisbon in April 2018. This was part of a series of Advanced Sociology seminars at the University.
Housing and Urban Planning Policies Presentation
Dr Sónia Alves gave a lecture to the students of the University of Lisbon's Programme for Seniors on Housing and Urban Planning Policies in Portugal.
Universalism vs Particularism
Professor Mike Oxley gave a presentation to an international audience at Université Paris-Est on 13 March 2018.
BIM4Housing Presentation: BIM in the UK house building industry
Dr Gemma Burgess gave a presentation to the BIM4Housing group on 8 May 2019 on the uptake of BIM in the UK housing industry.
PLPR 2018 Presentation: Evora
Sónia Alves and João Ferrão gave a presentation on 'Land-use planning and the provision of affordable housing in Portugal' to the 2018 Annual Planning, Law and Property Rights conference at the University of Novi-Sad.
Time Credits Research Findings: Launch Event
Dr Gemma Burgess of CCHPR presented the findings of the evaluation of the public health outcomes of the Cambridgeshire Time Credits scheme at a launch at the University Centre, Granta Place in May 2017.
Cambridgeshire Time Credits in Wisbech: three short films
As the project looking at the evaluation of public health outcomes of the Cambridgeshire Time Credits scheme in Wisbech drew to a close, three short films were released. Each of the films presents a different angle on the Cambridgeshire Time Credits case study in Wisbech.
Rebuilding the Rented Sector in the UK
CCHPR Research Fellow Peter Williams gave a presentation on the role of buy to let, build to rent and housing associations in the recovery of the private rented sector in the UK housing market to the City Futures Research Centre at the University of New South Wales and the NSW Federation of Housing Associations in March 2017.
Housing Policy and Market Failure
Mike Oxley, Director of CCHPR, delivered a public lecture on Housing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August 2017.
The Case for Social Housing
Mike Oxley, Director of CCHPR, delivered a keynote lecture on The Case for Social Housing at UWA Perth's Social Impact Festival on 19 July 2017.
Presentations from the launch event - November 2016
These are the presentations given by some of our case study projects for the study's launch event in November 2016
Festival of Ideas event - The potential for Time Credits to generate public health outcomes
‘Time Currencies in Cambridgeshire: Exchanging Time, Connecting Communities’ was held at the Festival of Ideas and attracted an audience of over 60 people who were keen to learn more about Time Credit and Timebank initiatives across Cambridgeshire. Dr Gemma Burgess presented findings from the evaluation of the public health outcomes of the Cambridgeshire Time Credits project in Wisbech (available to download).
Health outcomes of place based approaches to building community cohesion: Time Credits in England – research presented by Dr Burgess at AAG conference in San Francisco
Dr Gemma Burgess presented a paper at the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting/Geography and Urban Health Symposium in San Francisco in April.
Affordable Housing Film
CCHPR has made a short film on promoting policy change to boost the supply of affordable housing. The film sets out the problem of a low level of house building in the UK, relative to needs, and looks at the policy options to address the low level of production.
The role of policy in influencing differences between countries in the size of the private rented housing sector
In a presentation at the Department of Land Economy, Professor Mike Oxley addressed the following topics: Comparative studies of rented housing; What is private rented housing?; How much of it is there?; Why is there more in some countries than others?; Does policy explain international differences in the proportion of private rented housing?