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CCHPR's publications during 2010.
Affordable Housing and Local Development Frameworks: Developing an Evidence Base
This guide identifies the main components of an affordable housing evidence base and shows how this can be used to inform policies set out in a local development framework.
Evaluation of the FirstStop information and advice service for older people, their families and carers
FirstStop is an initiative intended to explore ways and means of expanding the accessibility and reach of good quality information and advice (I&A) for older people, their families and carers around housing and care issues. Its value framework is about empowering older people to make informed decisions in the full knowledge of the options available to them and with support to appraise these options for themselves.
Evaluation of the Mixed Communities Demonstration Projects, Final Report
This is the final report of the evaluation of the Mixed Communities Initiative demonstration projects. It covers the period August 2006 to July 2009.
Guide to Local Rents 2010
Project publications from 2010.
High density housing - the impact on tenants
How can the planning system deliver more housing?
We are not delivering the quantity and quality of new housing required, especially affordable housing. The planning system is seen as one of the main barriers to the delivery of new housing. This Solutions paper, published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, contains lessons for policy and practice. It analyses the potential of a more localised system housing and planning system.
How will changes to Local Housing Allowance affect low-income tenants in private rented housing?
This working paper presents a detailed analysis of the effects of proposed changes to LHA on private tenants. It estimates numbers who will be moved into income poverty and numbers moved into severe housing difficulty. It also looks at the longer-term effects of the measures on poorer private tenants.
Profile of the HA Sector 2010
Project publications from 2010.
Response to the CLG Select Committee Inquiry on the abolition of regional spatial strategies for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation
The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) submitted a response to the CLG Committee’s Inquiry into the abolition of regional spatial strategies. This response was drafted on behalf of JRF by Gemma Burgess, Sarah Monk and Christine Whitehead, CCHPR, University of Cambridge, and Alison Bailey, Consultant Planner.
The Contribution of Housing, Planning and Regeneration Policies to Mixed Communities in Scotland, Report
This report looks at whether and how mainstream housing, planning and regeneration policies in Scotland are contributing to "mixed communities”.
The Incidence, Value and Delivery of Planning Obligations in England in 2007-08
Researchers from the Universities of Cambridge and Sheffield found that in 2007-08 private developers agreed to fund £5 billion of England’s local capital infrastructure, including roads and schools and new affordable housing in England. The research, which was commissioned by the Department of Communities & Local Government (CLG) and published by CLG, shows planning obligations have led to these very substantial contributions by developers.
The Working Neighbourhoods Fund Scoping Study Report
The Working Neighbourhoods Fund was established by Communities and Local Government and the Department for Work and Pensions in 2008. Replacing the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, it directs funding to 65 local authorities to help them tackle concentrations of worklessness. A team from the Department of Land Economy, under the direction of Prof Peter Tyler and including several members of CCHPR, led the scoping study and interim evaluation of the WNF.
UK Government National Carbon Reduction Targets and Regional Housing Market Dynamics: Compatible or Contradictory, Report
This study, funded by the RICS, addressed whether the government’s national carbon reduction targets for housing were capable of being met in the two RICS regions of the East Midlands and the East of England. It found that they could, provided sufficient resources were made available.
What does the literature tell us about the social and economic impact of housing? Report to the Scottish Government: Communities Analytical Services
The Scottish Government commissioned CCHPR to write a literature review on the subject of the social and economic impact of housing.
Why do neighbourhoods stay poor? Deprivation, place and people in Birmingham
Report of a two-year study into the persistence of concentrated poverty in neighbourhoods in Birmingham, looking at the role of housing, migration and economic restructuring.
Work as a route out of homelessness: a case study of Emmaus Communities
A journal article, which drew on the research from this project as well as from earlier research on Emmaus Cambridge, was published in People, Place & Policy Online.

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