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Complete list of projects, with the most recent at the top.

Evaluation of the Reimagining Rent Programme

The Young Foundation commissioned CCHPR to undertake an evaluation of the Reimagining Rent Programme, assessing its effectiveness in supporting participating innovations to grow and achieving wider impact.

Evaluation of the Reimagining Rent Programme - Read More…

London Strategic Housing Initiative Evaluation

Trust for London and Citizens UK have commissioned CCHPR to undertake the evaluation of an initiative aimed at improving housing in London for citizens on low incomes.

London Strategic Housing Initiative Evaluation - Read More…

Building Better Opportunities - New Horizons

CCHPR has been commissioned to evaluate the New Horizons programme. New Horizons combines elements of financial inclusion, digital inclusion and employability delivered by employees hosted delivered from hubs in Peterborough, Wisbech, Kings Lynn and Cambridge with rural outreach. This project is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund.

Building Better Opportunities - New Horizons - Read More…

The Young Foundation were keen to identify innovative solutions which have the potential to address the failures within the housing system. The issues facing the private rented sector are well-known and widespread, and are reinforced by social and economic inequalities. Poverty among renters has doubled in the last ten years and millions of households are trapped in insecure, expensive housing.

While many community schemes seek to tackle the issues facing the private rented sector (eg social lettings agencies, homeshare schemes and schemes targeted at solving specific barriers like finding a rent deposit), the need for creative solutions is still there. The Reimagining Rent programme, which is funded by the Nationwide Foundation, supports a number of innovations tackling many of the challenges presented by the Private Rented Sector. These innovations will be supported to strengthen their model, demonstrate their social impact and grow their potential to be scaled up, in order to make the PRS work better for vulnerable people and those on low incomes.

Reimagining Rent was launched in 2017.

Living on the edge

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Call for papers!

Jan 12, 2021

Houses of Cards? The Rules and Institutions of Housing Illegality in Western Countries

Progress in Planning publish paper by Sonia Alves

Jan 05, 2021

The paper, Divergence in planning for affordable housing: A comparative analysis of England and Portugal, was published online, in December 2020, by Progress in Planning,

Four futures, one choice

Dec 14, 2020

Richmond Ehwi contributed to the CDBB's e-book, 'Four Futures, One Choice', which challenges its readers to think choose practices and lifestyles that use resources and data wisely.

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