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Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research


The Housing Futures Network commissioned CCHPR to produce new work looking at the future of the social housing sector. The work looked at the future options for financing the sector, and the implications of the latest policy reforms, including welfare reform, housing benefits and under-occupation.


Project Publications:

Freedom to succeed: liberating the potential of housing associations

This report for the Housing Futures Network explores both the current context and the future operating environment for housing associations in England. It argues that a transformation in role and function is underway with a number of unresolved tensions, the costs of which will be borne by tenants and associations. It concludes by setting out the case for plurality and greater operational freedom.

Under-occupation and the housing benefit reforms: Four local case studies

This report and summary were commissioned by the Housing Futures Network in January 2012 looking at the impact of the proposed Housing Benefit reforms for under-occupying social tenants in four local case study areas.

Under-occupation and the new policy framework

This report was commissioned by the Housing Futures Network as part of the Facing the Future work being carried out by Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research. This report looks at under-occupation within social housing and explores in detail the implications of the proposed cuts to housing benefit that will affect under-occupiers of working age from April 2013. It draws on the findings of a survey of under-occupiers, analysis of national level data on the implications of the reforms and also on focus group discussions held in the autumn of 2011.

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Housing Futures Network

Project Start Date

4th July 2011