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Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research


Construction Management and Economics have published a paper by Drs Sabina Maslova and Gemma Burgess. 

The paper looks at the post-occupancy evaluation mechanisms used by housing associations delivering homes with traditional and MMC approaches. It examines the current role played by POE in UK housebuilding practices in social housing provision, gaps in the feedback loop within the supply chain, and discusses the benefits and barriers to advancing and embedding POE across the housebuilding industry as it seeks to make greater use of MMC. 

The paper argues that UK housebuilding in the social housing sector can benefit from re-purposing post-occupancy evaluation from its current focus on measuring customer satisfaction and detecting defects to using it to improve housing design and construction quality. This could be done by developing a systematic learning loop from residents of previous projects to the design, development, and construction teams across the housebuilding supply chain.  

Maslova, S., & Burgess, G. (2022). Delivering human-centred housing: understanding the role of post-occupancy evaluation and customer feedback in traditional and innovative social housebuilding in England. Construction Management and Economics, 1-16.