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Mixed Communities Literature Review. Report to the Scottish Government: Communities Analytical Services

The Scottish Government commissioned CCHPR to write a literature review on the subject of mixed communities.

This report reviews evidence on mixed communities and reflects on recent developments in this area of research, to inform thinking in Scotland. It is intended as a quick evidence review as opposed to a systematic review, and was conducted during November 2010. The literature review examines:

  • Definitions and meanings of mixed or balanced communities
  • The principles or theory behind the objectives of mixing communities, i.e., the problems it is intended to address and why
  • The available evidence on whether mixed communities ‘work’, i.e., whether the objectives are met in practice
  • A limited examination of the costs – financial, economic and social – of mixing communities
  • Potential alternatives to addressing the problems identified
  • Policy implications of each element

The report includes two annexes. Annex 1 summarises the findings from reviews of empirical studies, while Annex 2 summarises the findings from primary studies and secondary data analyses.


Anna Clarke

Sarah Monk

Connie Tang

Publication Date

1st March 2011