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Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research


CCHPR updated the evaluation methodology and evidence on the success of the Emmaus approach, this time using Emmaus Village Carlton as a case study. The project’s aim was to determine the cost effectiveness of the Emmaus Village Carlton Community including the economic value of their outputs and outcomes to their participants, the local communities within which they operate and to society and the economy at large.

The project also developed a transferable evaluation framework within which successful outcomes can be assessed for all stakeholders, and to provide and test a toolkit for further and updated evaluations based on the findings.

It therefore contributed to the strategy for continued sustainable growth for Emmaus across the UK both by assisting management and monitoring and setting the two evaluations within the broader context of social enterprise.

Work as a route out of homelessness: a case study of Emmaus Communities

A journal article, which drew on the research from this project as well as from earlier research on Emmaus Cambridge, was published in People, Place & Policy Online.

Valuing Success: A Case Study of Emmaus Village Carlton, Report

This study was an economic evaluation of Emmaus Village Carlton as a social enterprise. This report summarises the context and findings of an investigation into the costs and benefits of running a social enterprise as part of a unique organisation working with homeless people, concentrating specifically on the Emmaus Village Carlton Community.

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Project Start Date

1st March 2008