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Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research


This report has been drawn upon by CLG to inform the development of the Community Infrastructure Levy. The aim was to explore current LPA practice, to evaluate the relative merits of different CSPs, consider issues such as a single CSP and identify whether the adoption of CSPs would be beneficial.

This research report was commissioned to improve the evidence on the dynamics of planning obligation negotiations for affordable housing contributions. Developers and local planning authorities (LPAs) can approach negotiations with different understandings of the policy requirements, often as a result of the lack of precision and clarity in the LPA's policy.

The research explores whether establishing a common starting point for affordable housing negotiations (for instance that the developer would provide land free to deliver the number of units sought) would improve practice and outcomes. This report presents the research and its findings.


Gemma Burgess

Sarah Monk

Christine Whitehead

Publication Date

18th August 2008