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The profile of the housing association sector 2002-2010

This study was a Dataspring project funded by the Tenant Services Authority, for which outputs were published from 2002 until 2010. Publications consisted of sets of data tables and technical papers outlining housing association stockholdings and changes within the sector over the year.

The Regulatory and Statistical Return is a form completed annually by Housing Associations that are registered with the Housing Corporation. HAs complete this return as a regulatory requirement. The Profile of the Sector report comprises the following outputs: Approximately 90 data tables; A technical paper comparing last year’s tables to the current year’s; A technical paper outlining the changes to the Regulatory and Statistical Return (RSR) in the current year; and  a summary paper, analysing the tables and identifying major trends within the sector. 


Project Publications:

CCHPR Contact


Tenant Services Authority

Project Start Date

1st January 2002