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Producing a guide to local rents was a Dataspring project funded by the Tenant Services Authority, for which outputs were published from 2001 until 2010. Parts I, II and III together provided the data to undertake comparisons of rents geographically for all three rented sectors (local authority, housing association and private rented), between individual housing associations and between individual local authorities.

A summary of the key findings from the data are provided with the data tables. Part I includes cross tenure rents for LAs. Parts II and III include HA rent levels for individual HAs both nationally and locally, for general needs and supported housing respectively. The Guide also includes information about HA target rents. 

Guide to Local Rents 2010

Project publications from 2010.

Guide to Local Rents 2009

Project publications from 2009.

Guide to Local Rents 2008

Project publications from 2008.

Guide to Local Rents 2007

Project publications from 2007.

Guide to Local Rents 2006

Project publications from 2006.

Guide to Local Rents 2005

Project publications from 2005.

Guide to Local Rents 2004

Project publications from 2004.

Guide to Local Rents 2003

Project publications from 2003.

Guide to Local Rents 2002

Project publications from 2002.

Guide to Local Rents 2001

Project publications from 2001.

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January 2001