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Shadow EU Summit Managing Tomorrow’s Cities – Dr Gemma Burgess gives key note speech on social inclusion

last modified Apr 27, 2016 02:24 PM
The shadow EU-summit in Amsterdam is the platform where students, experts and policymakers meet to provide practical, valuable and realistic solutions on a wide range of today’s and tomorrow’s urban challenges Dr Gemma Burgess gave a key note speech on social inclusion which you can download here:

The European (EU) Urban Agenda is a joint effort of European Commission, Member States and European Cities Networks to strengthen the recognition of the urban dimension by European and national policy actors.

This involves developing a multilevel governance approach (Pact of Amsterdam) to make EU policy more “urban-proof”. A series of meetings, scheduled to take place in April and May 2016, are designed to provide input for a Ministerial Meeting on May 30th attended by European Ministers responsible for urban development. The aim is to have an agreement regarding the start of the EU Urban Agenda and the launch of the first 4 thematic multilevel governance partnerships.

The shadow EU-summit is a method designed to allow students and researchers to actively and realistically participate in policy making concerning the EU Urban Agenda. The shadow EU summit ‘Managing tomorrow’s Cities’ aims to achieve policy recommendations on issues that are central to the Urban Agenda which would constitute a shadow Urban Agenda. This shadow Urban Agenda will be presented as input to the Ministerial Meeting on May 30th.

Please click here to see the presentation slides