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Dr Nicky Morrison

Dr Nicky Morrison

Senior Associate


Dr Nicky Morrison is the Deputy Director of the Land Economy Tripos and a University Lecturer, as well as a Fellow and Tutor at St Edmund's College.

Her research focuses on comparative housing and urban planning, at the city and neighbourhood level.    Internationally, she has collaborated with a number of European academics on comparative housing and neighbourhood renewal projects, funded by the European Commission, as well as the Nordic-Baltic, German and UK governments.

She has also advised the Shenzhen municipal government on their affordable housing policies and has worked on an Amnesty International project on housing rights in Accra, Ghana. 

Key Publications

  • Morrison N Playing by the rules? New institutionalism, path dependency and informal settlements in Sub-Sahara Africa. Environment and Planning A (forthcoming)
  • Agyemang F & Morrison N Recognising the barriers to securing affordable housing through the land use planning system in Sub-Sahara Africa. A perspective from Ghana. Urban Studies (forthcoming)
  • Manzi T & Morrison N (2017) Risk, Commercialism and Social Purpose: Repositioning the English Housing Association sector Urban Studies DOI: 10.1177/0042098017700792
  • Morrison N (2016) Delivering affordable housing in England’s austere economic and political climate’ Urbanistica 155: 216-136 (Guest contributor)
  • Morrison N & Xian S (2016) 'High mountains and the far away emperor: Overcoming barriers to citizen participation in China's urban planning practices' Habitat International DOI: 10.1016/j.habitatint.2016.08.001  pp.205-214
  • Morrison N (2016) 'Selling the family silver? Institutional entrepreneurship and asset disposal in the English housing association sector' Urban Studies DOI: 10.1177/0042098016653874
  • Morrison N (2016) 'Institutional logics and organisational hybridity: English Housing Associations' diversification strategies into the private rented sector' Housing Studies 31 (8) 897-915
  • Burgess G & Morrison N (2015) 'Improving housing outcomes: the value of advice and support for vulnerable older people' Housing and Built Environment 31 (2) pp.197-211
  • Morrison N & Burgess G (2014) `Inclusionary housing policy in England: the impact of the downturn on the delivery of affordable housing through section 106’ Housing and the Built Environment  vol 29 (3) pp. 423-43
  • Morrison N (2014) `Building talented worker housing in Shenzhen to sustain  place competitiveness’ Urban Studies 51 (8) pp1539-1558
  • Morrison N (2013)  `Reinterpreting the key worker problem in a University Town, a case study of  Cambridge' Town Planning Review vol 34 no 6 pp721-742
  • Morrison N (2013)`Meeting  the decent homes standard: London housing associations’ asset management  strategies’ Urban Studies 50 (2) pp.2569-2587
  • Morrison N (2010) `A  green belt under pressure: the case of Cambridge, England’, Planning Practice  and Research: Special Issue Green Belts, vol 25 pp 157-181
  • Morrison N (2010) `A  land mark case’ Town and Country Planning, April 2010, pp 184-186
  • Morrison N (2009)  `Housing numbers game: playing by the rules’ Town and Country Planning vol. 78  no 11, pp 468-47
  • Morrison N & Monk  S (2006), `Job-housing mismatch: affordability crisis in Surrey, South East of  England’ Environment and Planning A, vol 38 (6) pp 1115-1130