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Publications and Presentations

Complete list of publications and presentations, with the most recent at the top.
The Increase in Multigenerational Households in the UK
The Increase in Multigenerational Households in the UK: The Motivations for and Experiences of Multigenerational Living by Gemma Burgess and Kathryn Muir has been published online in Housing, Theory and Society.
Creating positive economic communities (draft report)
A draft version of our report for Local Trust is available.
Living on the edge
The University of Cambridge has profiled CCHPR's evaluation of the New Horizons programme in its spotlight on research in the East of England.
Housing issues facing non-resident fathers
The roundtable event hosted by Kathryn Muir took place on 20 November 2018 at The Pitt Building in Cambridge, and was attended by academics, practitioners and policymakers.
LSHI Evaluation Report
The Evaluation Report, published in late 2018, was based on interviews with key participants in Citizens UK's four housing campaigns, funded by Trust for London.
Position Paper 2: What is the role of off-site housing manufacture in a Digital Built Britain?
The impact of taxation reform on the private rented sector: Final report
CCHPR's report for the Residential Landlords Association was published on 29 October 2018.
Position paper 1: How can digital tools and technologies support independent living for older people, now and into the future?
Presentation of findings to Housing Studies Association
Kathryn Muir presented the findings of CCHPR's research for Commonweal Housing at the 2018 HSA Conference in Sheffield, as part of the Early Career Research stream.
Uptake of digital tools in the UK house building sector - reports
The final report to the Centre for Digital Built Britain, along with an executive summary, are available to download:
Non-resident parents and shared housing - final report & executive summary
Welsh Letting Agents Fees: Final Reports
The final report and a summary report from CCHPR's research into Letting agents' fees to tenants in Wales are now available to download.
Working paper 7 Littleport and Ely Timebank
This report explores the impact of involvement in a timebank, exploring the relationship between Time Credits and more traditional timebanking. Interviews with volunteers revealed that timebanks can have significant and profound effects on both members and communities.
Final Report
Moving insights from the over-55s - source document
Poverty, evictions and forced moves
New Horizons Evaluation: Findings from the first two years
Kathryn Muir's presentation to New Horizons gave a comprehensive insight into the findings of the first two years of the project.
FilePoverty, evictions and forced moves
FileSource Document
FilePresentation of Commonweal Findings to HSA
FileNon-resident parents and shared housing - final report
FileNon-resident parents and shared housing - executive summary
FileExecutive Summary - BIM and UK House Building
FileHow can digital tools and technologies support independent living for older people, now and into the future?

Living on the edge

Gemma Burgess and Lynne McAulay talk about the evaluation of the New Horizons project

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How can we make sure that digital innovations in care work for older people?

Nov 11, 2020

Our research for the Dunhill Medical Trust is investigating the landscape of technology available to support older people, who is buying it, and what they want from it.

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