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Housing Need and Supply

Social Housing Now and in the Future
This work uses secondary data sources to understand who is currently living in social rented housing, their characteristics including their former tenure, entrants and leavers, and who is likely to be living in the social rented sector in the future. It was carried out by Alan Holmans, Sarah Monk, Michael Jones, Diane Lister, Christina Short and Christine Whitehead. The research was funded by DCLG for whom an internal policy related paper was also produced.
Secondary Analysis of Housing Market Data
This short project using secondary data to analyse the role of the social sector in different kinds of housing market was part of a suite of secondary projects commissioned by JRF to inform their thinking about housing markets. The results were presented to the JRF at a special event in York.
Update to inform Shelter's input into the 2005 Spending Review
This is the 2005 update to the previous Shelter project to enable them to contribute to the latest Spending Review.
Residential mobility of social tenants and households entering Low Cost Home Ownership (LCHO): A comparison of London and the Northern Regions
This report compares the residential mobility of social tenants and households entering LCHO in London with mobility in the northern regions of England.
Regional and sub-regional analyses: Residential mobility of social tenants and those entering Low Cost Home Ownershipin the north of England
This study concentrates on four aspects of household mobility in the northern regions:The results reflect a generally immobile sector across all regions in the north with very little systematic pattern in terms of the mobility that does occur.
Provision for key workers and unmet housing need
This is a follow up to a previous study which produced an estimate of newly arising demand and need for housing in the East of England. The current study produces an estimate of unmet need and of key worker housing requirements in the region. Part B of the project provides a template for districts and sub-regions to produce their own assessments of key worker housing. Both reports are available on the Assembly’ web site.
Planning and market signals
This small project was commissioned by DCLG (then ODPM) to assist their thinking in terms of responses to the recommendations of the Barker Review of Housing Supply (2004) which suggested that planners take more notice of market signals when developing their housing policies. It took the form of answering specific questions raised by DCLG. Methods included literature reviews and interviews with key stakeholders. The project culminated in two short internal reports to DCLG.
Input into Strategic Housing Needs Assessments Draft Guidance
CCHPR carried out research for DCLG (then ODPM) to produce guidance to local authorities and sub-regions on understanding their local housing market. It updates previous guidance on housing needs assessments and builds on a manual for undertaking housing market assessments.
Housing Need in the South East
This is a follow on to a previous study which outlined a methodology for assessing housing need in the South East region. There are two small projects: one producing an estimate of newly arising demand and need and one an estimate of unmet current housing need. It covers sub-regions as well as the region as a whole. The reports form part of the evidence base for the South East Plan.
2001 Census briefing paper series
Three reports published during 2003 and 2004 using data from the 2001 Census and Regulatory Statistical Returns.
University of Cambridge Housing Needs
CCHPR was commissioned by the University of Cambridge's Estate Management to explore the University's options for meeting staff housing needs. Estate Management are responsible for the development, management and maintenance of the University of Cambridge estate.

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