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The network built on CCHPR’s earlier research for CDBB which looked at the need for innovation in construction and experimentation with new forms of housing delivery such as modular housing. Our report reflected the ‘state of the nation’ and summarised the opportunities and barriers to the uptake of digital tools, standards and processes (Building Information Modelling) in innovations found in the UK house building sector.

The objectives of the network were to facilitate dialogue between key stakeholders in relation to the construction, management, servicing and lived experience of housing in the development of DBB; to determine the key questions that should be the priority for investigation; to scope out the existing literature in relation to these questions; to identify the gaps in knowledge and gaps in capabilities; and to use this evidence base to scope out a research programme to meet the needs of UK plc in delivering affordable, sustainable and inclusive housing in a DBB.

CCHPR Contact

Project Start Date

June 2018