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Multigenerational living is a household arrangement that has been little studied in the UK to date. With nearly 7% of UK households containing two or more adult generations, it can be seen as a shift towards living as a family collective. Drawing on our research findings, this paper by Gemma Burgess and Kathryn Muir discusses the diverse motivations for multigenerational living which often reflect multiple intersecting structural processes, and opens up a conversation about future research.

Published online by Housing, Theory and Society, the article can be found at

Gemma Burgess & Kathryn Muir (2019) The Increase in Multigenerational Households in the UK: The Motivations for and Experiences of Multigenerational Living, Housing, Theory and Society, DOI: 10.1080/14036096.2019.1653360



Dr Gemma Burgess

Kathryn Muir

Publication Date

August 2019