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Knowledge exchange:

The funding would enable Paul Sanderson (supported by the project law and data advisors) to work alongside BRDO staff in their offices in London and Birmingham, contributing to the construction of a regulatory code from scratch - exchanging knowledge on how (i) the design of regulatory codes, and (ii) communications about regulatory codes, affect approaches to compliance.

Stakeholder engagement:

Part of this process would entail discussions with external regulatory organisations and individual inspectors to ensure that design and communications are optimal. Their involvement at the beginning of the process is also likely to improve eventual compliance with the new/revised codes.


The planned seminar towards the end of the project would bring together researchers on regulation with front-line regulators to examine the rationale for the codes’ designs and the benefits and flexibility of incorporating the comply-or-explain principle.

CCHPR Contact

For further information, please contact the Administrator.


ESRC Impact Acceleration Account

Project Start Date

1st June 2015