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We have selected 10 case study projects across the UK to explore in depth the different ways in which housing providers can work with young people at risk of poverty. We have been visiting the projects and talking to staff and young people who use the projects to find out how they are working.

 The ten case study projects are:

  • The Cantref Foyer, a supported housing project for 16-25 year olds in Aberystwyth
  • Community Wellbeing Apprenticeships, run by Regenda Homes in Liverpool
  • The Denbigh Youth Hub,  a centre that provides educational and employment opportunities for young people in Denbigh, North Wales, run by Gwrp Cnefin
  • The Money House, a pre-tenancy training scheme for young people in London run by Hyde Housing
  • Mypad, a pre-tenancy training course for young people in Newport, Wales run by Charter Housing
  • A peer landlord scheme offering shared housing to young single people in London, run by Catch 22.
  • Smartlets, a social lettings agency in Worcester run by Worcester CAB and Worcester Housing and Benefits Advice Centre
  • Supported housing and a drop in centre for young people in Edinburgh, run by the Rock Trust
  • A supported housing project for young people in Bassetlaw run by New Roots
  • A traineeship scheme run by emh group Academy in Leicestershire



Cantref Foyer

Community Wellbeing Apprenticeships

Denbigh Youth Hub

Money House 


Peer landlord scheme


Supported housing and a drop in centre for young people in Edinburgh

Supported housing project in Bassetlaw

Traineeship scheme