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The Pocklington Trust contributed to the Visionary Development Fund’s project ‘Early Support in Essex’. This project aimed to:

  • make and sustain good relationships with Essex Social Care Direct (ECSD), the call centre service handling referrals for sight loss registration, in order to equip them to offer information about sight loss societies working in Essex, encourage take up of their services and provide contact details for the pilot ‘Early Support in Essex’ project
  • contact all the people referred to the pilot project to identify their needs and aspirations, refer them to appropriate local services, clarify and describe sight loss registration and assessment status and procedures, and refer them back to ECSD or Essex County Council as appropriate
  • collect and analyse data about referrals to the pilot project and project activities in order to evaluate the pilot in ways that may demonstrate the effectiveness (including cost effectiveness) of an Early Support process that involves local sight loss societies
  • develop a business case for appropriate follow on services
  • make the learning from the pilot widely available

CCHPR undertook an evaluation of the project, the main purpose of which was to enable lessons to be learned from the pilot, to ensure that others benefitted from the learning during the pilot.