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Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research


The NHF East of England is the trade body for housing associations in England with over 1200 members. In the East of England it has nearly 170 housing associations who own and manage almost 200,000 homes on behalf of 450,000 people, about one in 12 of the regional population. The NHF East of England has commissioned this work as part of a wider project to quantify the potential to meet housing need in the region through tackling under-occupation in social housing and to provide landlord and other partners with tools to address the issue. It will demonstrate to stakeholders such as CLG the contribution of housing associations and local authorities to helping them meet housing need.

The research forms one stage in the wider project. It involves a survey of social landlords in the region and analysis of the results. The findings will be published in a short paper which draws out key messages and highlights good practice. This will be promoted within the region and nationally during 2010.