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The UK government set ambitious targets for reductions in carbon emissions in order to meet its global obligations. An overall target of an 80% reduction on 1990 emission levels by 2050 has been set and alongside this, a specific target for reductions in carbon emissions from newly-built housing has been set, of achieving zero carbon by 2016. These targets have been set at national level but much of the basis of economic activity has a local and regional dimension as do housing markets. The aim of this study was to investigate the specific characteristics of housing markets in the RICS East and East Midlands regions in the context of these targets. The study drew conclusions about the degree to which national targets are consistent with regional patterns of housing market behaviour and urban development. The study was based primarily on existing data, together with a focus group meeting with RICS members in the regions to present and discuss the findings. The outcome will be a seminar to launch the final report.

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Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Project Start Date

1st July 2009