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The aim of this study was to address the question of whether the government’s national carbon reduction targets for housing are capable of being achieved in the two RICS regions of the East Midlands and the East of England. The report found that the targets could be met in both regions provided sufficient resources were allocated to achieving them. The two main measures – improving the energy efficiency of dwellings and increasing renewable energy supply – on their own would go a long way towards meeting them. However, the behaviour of residents is crucial and in order to change behaviour, education, regulation or incentives are required – and on the evidence of other attempts to change attitudes and behaviour, all three will be needed. One important finding was the lack of consistent information about carbon emissions from housing and how these can be reduced, in a form that is easily available, particularly at regional level.


Sarah Monk

Michael Jones

Sanna Markkanen

Fiona Lyall Jones

Publication Date

1st March 2010