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Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research


A range of organisations, including the Conservative Party and the Local Government Association, have recently called for radical changes to the current planning system to make it more positive in its approach to development in general and in ensuring an adequate supply of housing in particular. The objectives of this project for the JRF are to understand in more detail the range of instruments that are proposed as means of achieving both local empowerment and higher levels of market and affordable housing and to clarify the potential benefits and costs of moving to a more incentives based system, and particularly to assess the likely barriers to success. A paper will be developed setting out the issues and questions as a starting point for a discussion with political advisers and commentators. A round table will be held with academics and housing and planning professionals. 

The final paper will reflect this round table and further discussion with political advisors and decision makers. It is hoped that the findings will be launched in January 2010.