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Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research


This research was one of a number of flagship research projects to inform the Tenant Services Authority's (formerly the Housing Corporation) key business priorities. It was expected to provide key business intelligence in relation to housing associations’ existing stock and future investment options. It may also be useful to local authorities and others in understanding future housing demand. The research explored the linkages between subsidised housing and the wider market, and contribute to the current debate on understanding the whole housing market at a very practical level. It was therefore relevant to the work of regional housing boards, shortly to be merged with regional spatial planning bodies. 

The aims of the research were to

  1. understand how demographic, spatial and economic changes will impact on affordable housing demand now and in the future (over the next 5 / 10 / 20 years)
  2. use this understanding to inform key business and policy decisions and develop the Housing Corporation’s market intelligence, in particular focusing on future investment decisions, viability of existing stock and future markets and options for potential new products.