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Each year the vast majority of Housing Associations registered with the TSA were required to fill in the Regulatory Statistical Return (RSR). This survey provided key data used for regulating the sector. In addition to information about the core rental stock, the RSR also covered activities such as low cost home ownership, stock management and staffing. Due to its annual collection, a potential time series data set now exists. The aim of this project was to bring together the RSR data sets from 1989 onwards in a form that would allow time series analysis to be undertaken. This resulted in the production of a relational database covering the years 1989-2001, together with supporting technical documents. The approach to data collection in the RSR changed in 2002, making the production of a separate time series dataset necessary from that year forwards. This has also been produced, together with linking tables enabling analysis across the two datasets to take place where suitable variable matches exist. A series of Briefing Papers present the results of time series analysis on data from selected Parts of the RSR, for example, on stock levels, lettings and vacancies, stock adaptations, rent levels and shared ownership. A fuller Research Report documents the setting up of the database and uses examples of time series analysis to provide evidence of how the HA sector has changed in relation to the policy, financial and regulatory background since 1989.

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Tenant Services Authority

Project Start Date

14th September 2005