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Planning for Affordable Housing

Dr Sónia Alves is currently working on PLANAFFHO - a two year Marie Sklowdowska-Curie Fellowship which aims to examine how land use planning contributes to the provision of affordable housing for people on low incomes, and how it has promoted a mix of housing tenures within new developments in three European capital cities - Copenhagen, Lisbon and London - since 2007.


The research will focus on investigating planning and housing activities in the three cities (Copenhagen, Lisbon and London), notably how they seek to address problems of housing shortage, affordability, and segregation of housing tenures. The research aims to provide practical knowledge and innovative advice to decision-makers on what can be done regarding these huge societal challenges. A further aim of the research, underpinning and informing the former, is to make a contribution to the theoretical and methodological advancement of international comparative research on housing and land-use planning. Dr Alves will be supervised by Dr Gemma Burgess.

The research will involve short-term visits to planning departments and non-profit housing associations in Copenhagen, Lisbon, and London, aiming to contribute to a mutual exchange of knowledge. During the visits, Dr Alves will collect data and conduct fieldwork, and with a background in Geography, spatial planning and sociology, she will analyse the data through the lens of spatial and social scrutiny.

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Project Start Date

February 2018